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Sun Records Sonny Burgess @ The 1st Annual Elvis Birthday Bash!

Sun Records Pioneer Sonny Burgess To Perform At The 1st Annual Elvis Birthday Bash. Memphis , TN , November 23, 2010 —Elvis would of turned 76 years old in January and what better way to celebrate his birthday than in his hometown with fellow Sun Records Contemporary, Sonny Burgess.  Sonny Burgess recorded at Sun Studio from August 1956 to August 1958 releasing 5 singles including Red Headed Woman and We Wanna Boogie.  Sonny even opened for Elvis in October 1955 when Elvis came to his hometown of Newport , Ark. Joining Sonny on stage will be pumping piano player Smoochy Smith who with his group The Mar-Keys had the first top ten hit on Stax Records in 1961 with Last Night.  Smoochy also got his start at Sun Records as a session player backing up such legends as Billy Lee Riley, Ace Cannon and Warren Smith.   This won’t be the first meeting between Sonny and Smoochy.  Sonny and Smoochy were part of The Sun Rhythm Section along with Paul Burlison, Marcus Van Story, Stan Kessler a

Meet Jay Gordon - Host of Elvis Only Radio Program & Ultimate Elvis Fan!

Megan, thank you for your interest in me, and most importantly, my radio show, Elvis Only.  We’re heard for an hour once a week on radio stations across the US and Canada.  Our latest station lineup is available at .  I hope your readers enjoy my story. In the spirit of Elvis’ 1969 monologues, I started out  – as a child.  I grew up in the early 1970s in Worcester, Massachusetts. My father was into Elvis, and he owned a small collection of the most recent albums.  We had one of those console stereos that were popular at the time.  He’d come home from work and relax by stretching out on the living room floor, with his head between the two speakers, listening to Elvis.  I was in grade school at the time, and I couldn’t help but hear the music that he played night after night.  I wasn’t an Elvis fan at that point, by any stretch, but I certainly knew more of Elvis’ contemporary music than my friends at May Street School, who were into KISS and Barry Manilow.

Brenda Nielsen Needs Help!

On March 4th Sherrill and Brenda performed their last performance. Because of a blood clot in Sherrill’s leg, they flew home to Alabama where he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Brenda never left his side as Sherrill went through all the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and she was by his side at 11:06 Friday morning (Dec. 10, 2010) when he passed away. Attached is a brief history. Now more than ever, Brenda is facing monumental medical bills and expenses that have accrued since their last performance on March 4th (the last time she has seen an income) and she needs our help! Please help: 1. Pray for Brenda 2. Spread the word to others 3. Digitally download as well as “Distilled Gospel” . We are now in the process of manufacturing two additional albums which will also be placed on as soon as possible. They are: “Voice Reunites,” and “Sherrill Nielsen and Voice.” Brenda will receive