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Casey Anthony - Guilty or Not Guilty?

Caylee Marie Anthony - top right Casey Anthony (mother) Not since the OJ trial has America been so engrossed in a court case. This case is the first "social media" trial. It's the new trial of the century because this summer, we are all watching and talking about the case of Florida vs. Casey Anthony in the death of her almost 3 year old daughter Caylee. Casey had all of America searching for her "missing" daughter until Caylee's remains were found 6 months later. Each day brings more drama and shocking revealations in the court room. What do you believe, is she innocent or guilty? And how do you think the jury will rule? <a href="">Online Surveys -</a> <a href="">Online Surveys -</a>

Top Ten Memphis Movies

No plans for this holiday weekend? Bad weather stopping your BBQ? Or do you just need a good Memphis fix? Chris Herrington of The Memphis Flyer  compiled this great detailed list of movies either made in Memphis or inspired by the great city. We thought this list was too good not to share with you. 1. Mystery Train (1989) The Set-Up : Jim Jarmusch's landmark work of made-in-Memphis cinema is a triptych of interconnected stories that depict the city through the eyes of three types of outsiders: tourist (Japanese teens on a pilgrimage to Sun and Graceland), stranded traveler (an Italian widow on a layover), and immigrant (the Clash's Joe Strummer as a downbeat Brit). The Movie : Jarmusch is one of the signature American directors of the past 30 years and with its deadpan comedy, compelling structure, colorful supporting performances (Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Steve Buscemi), strong sense of place, and a connoisseur's soundtrack that insists on Memphis culture beyon