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SiriusXM Elvis Radio needs to cut the sh*t or we fans need to cancel subscriptions!

As a PAYING subscriber who has MANY radios from DAY ONE, I find it offense to PAY to listen to one sided BS about the Elvis and Nixon movie. It's like an Aim Way sales pitch. Or like the tv movie, Blinded by the light about a cult trying to talk fans into this. Such Sh*T. Elvis Radio is supposed to be our Elvis haven, LIVE from Graceland! PROTECTED! Not 24/7 hour coverage of Elvis and Nixon movie. What a liberty! FREE promotion on our dime! DJs on free run, star struck. No supervision. Wake up SIRIUSXM and GRACELAND. I just want to turn on Elvis Radio and hear ELVIS! I don't want to get angry! I would not mind so much if each side of the issue was covered. But this blind coverage is absolute BS! I am a radio person. I grew up just outside of NYC. I grew up with DJs like Cousin Brucie and Howard Stern. CBS FM DJs Harry Harrison, Dan Ingram, Dan Daniel, Norm Nite, Ron Lundy, Bill Brown, Max Kinkel and others. Elvis Radio has one of Memphis' best DJs, George