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The King & I by Carrie White

Hollywood hairdresser; author, 'Upper Cut: Highlights of My Hollywood Life'  It was 1989. Adam, my son, was 23. His band, Grace Period, was about to play at the Whisky A Go-Go for the first time. I remembered the big buzz on the Sunset Strip in the early 60s. The Whisky A Go-Go is coming. When? What was a Whisky A Go-Go anyway? Where was it coming from? All I knew was that a guy named Elmer Valentine had seen one in Europe and he was bringing one here. When this club finally did arrive, it didn't disappoint anyone. Especially me. Even after I married and had my son, I would get there every chance. I made sure Elmer knew me so I'd never have to wait in line to get to the dance floor. The house bands were sexy and exciting: Love, The Flying Burritos, a scruffy looking guy named Neil Young that sat on the edge of the stage when he played. Then the singer with the best hair, cut by my pal Jay Sebring, and his group The Doors, became the house band. I wanted to be th

Imelda May performing for Chanel in Vegas tonight

Imelda May is state side! She is performing 5 songs tonight for Chanel in Las Vegas. And then headed to Lexington, Kentucky for a few days. She will also make an appearance in the greatest city in the world... Yup, New York, New York!