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Memphis' Chisca Hotel may be saved by housing redelevopment

The Chisca hotel is known to Elvis fans as a historic Elvis site. In July 1954, for the first time in history, radio airwaves carried the voice of Elvis Presley. The broadcast came from The Chisca and changed the world forever. This was the largest hotel in Memphis at the time. It was built in 1913. It wasn’t a luxury hotel like the Peabody; it was an accommodation for the middle class. Many other historic events occurred at The Chisca hotel. From 1949 to 1956, WHBQ radio’s DJ Dewey Phillips broadcast his legendary show, “Red, Hot and Blue” from the mezzanine level of The Chisca. “Daddy-O-Dewey,” as Mr. Phillips was popularly known, was the first DJ to give Elvis a chance. Phillips played Elvis’s “That’s All Right, Mama” three days after Sam Phillips recorded it at Sun Records Studio. The Chisca Hotel has been vacant for years. It's owned by the Church of God in Christ, which has let the building fall into disrepair. Memphis City Councilman Edmund Ford is proposing a two m

Lisa Marie Presley performs on Good Morning America (VIDEO)

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A VERY Pregnant Imelda May live on stage in Paris

SHE may be counting down to B Day, but Dubliner Imelda May showed no sign in Paris last night of putting her feet up just yet. The 37-year-old Liberties singer, who is six months pregnant, performed a full set as part of her Mayhem tour, having played a stormer in prestigious London’s Royal Albert Hall last week. “There’s a little bit more of me tonight,” the singer joked with the audience as she proudly showed off her bump, draped in a figure-hugging, hot-red dress with leopard-print bodice. However, her impending rockabilly baby doesn’t hinder the Dubliner’s performance one iota who was joined on stage throughout by her guitarist husband Darrel Higham. The couple, who are married ten years, announced in February that they are expecting a baby. Apart from a craving for oranges, the Liberty Belle has had a smooth pregnancy and has pledged to continue touring during her pregnancy. She has played dates across the UK in recent weeks with sold out performances in Cardi

Actor David Keith in Memphis speaking about Child Porn

Most people remember David Keith from the film, An Officer and a Gentleman , but Elvis fans remember him from the 80's film, Heartbreak Hotel . Keith is now working to fight child porn and abuse in the US. He is in Memphis tonight to speak about the delicate subject. David Keith - Heartbreak Hotel On a sidenote : I attended the film premiere of Heartbreak Hotel in NYC back in the late 80's. My family and I were sitting in front of David Keith . My Mom kept insisting he was Patrick Swayze and there was no talking her out of it. She turned around and said, "Are you Patrick Swayze?" And Keith said, " No, ma'am I'm David Keith. It's a pleasure to meet you." I was so embarassed that I slid down in my seat for the entire film. Afterwards, we got to meet the cast and David was very nice. Although, Heartbreak Hotel is a lesser known "Elvis related" film, it's fun. If you haven't seen it, you can pick up a copy on Amazon reas

Duck Dunn - Legendary Bass Player dies

Legendary Bass Player "Duck" Dunn Dies: