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Elvis Presley's Audubon Drive Home Damaged

Last Monday a severe storm knocked down trees, especially in East Memphis. on Friday, Sue and our friend Kay Shepard visited Audubon Drive. (I was home sick.) Yes, a tree had fallen on the garage. It could have been worse. Workmen on the scene allowed Sue and Kay to photograph the house and grounds. They could photograph many rooms through the windows. All photos created by Sue Mack. In the front of Audubon Drive, everything looks normal. To the left, a workman is walking towards the problem. Just beyond the gate and fence is the fallen tree.   The tree fell from the neighbor's property through the fence and hit part of the garage. Damage was not severe. . This is what replaced the pool. The pool center was covered and made level to the ground. The blue squares in center occupy the space that was once water. The small square tiles are replacements of original tiles, which formed the pool edge. Inside the pool house today. When i lived here the pool house was a m