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Randy Travis speaks - 2016 Country Music Hall of Fame Induction

Randy Travis spoke for the first time since his stroke at the 2016 Induction ceremony at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville . This took a lot of courage. God bless him! We love him and pray for him everyday. Randy has more courage than most! I adored Randy Always! I was in his fan club, had his albums (yes,dates me!), I even met him in NYC after a Letterman appearance and he could not have been nicer! I was to see him in Philly in 1991 but the night before my 19 year old cousin Doug was killed. April 8, 1991. I couldn't listen to his music for a long time. Randy, keep fighting! And keep going! You are so courageous! My brother is deaf and he talks funny to many. Sometimes people laugh and it hurts. My mom had a stroke a few years ago, and people laughed when she talked. It took a lot for me not to knock them out. But she carried on and talks fine today! But you're more courageous than them! Keep TCBing! We love you and are praying for you!


The Country Music Association announced three newly elected inductees to the Country Music Hall of Fame . Charlie Daniels will be inducted in the Veteran’s Era category. Fred Foster will be inducted in the Non-Performer category. Randy Travis will be the 2016 inductee in the Modern Era category. These artists will be inducted during a special Medallion Ceremony at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in the CMA Theater later this year. During the Medallion Ceremony, friends and colleagues pay tribute to each inductee through words and song. Bronze plaques honoring each inductee are unveiled, to be displayed later in the museum’s Rotunda.Brenda Lee is THE COOLEST! You can watch the announcement above, the video lasts 55 minutes. Source: Country Music Hall of Fame