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Jeff Burton - son of Guitarist James Burton released from hospital!

Update on Jeff Burton - From The Burtons MIRACLES DO HAPPEN TODAY ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ JESUS said, if you ask for ANYTHING in MY NAME,I will do it for you! John 14:13 TODAY JEFF WAS RELEASED from the hospital to come home in Nashville as an outpatient at Vanderbilt. Sept 1,2017 we were told he had 1 hour to live and then the next day he had 1 day to live. Now they tell us if he can get better he can get on the transplant list in 6 months. He is still very fragile but getting better everyday 😇 He is a MIRACLEMAN ✝️ I have to give all credit to GOD because he heard so many prayers with FAITH for Jeff. Thank You All For the ❤️ You have shown us 🙏   The Jeff Burton Family BIM : Please continue to pray for Jeff and the Burton family!

Broadway Producer wins lawsuit regarding Elvis Hologram

Darren Bagert Pulse Evolution , the digital production firm was found guilty of breach of contract on October 12, and was reportedly ordered to pay $524,196 to Tony-winning Dear Evan Hansen producer Darren Bagert. The 90-minute musical was to be centered on a lifelike hologram of Presley, which Pulse was to create . Bagert had been brought on to manage the project, which was budgeted between $15 to $25 million. He worked to build out the production's financials, hand-pick the creative team and seek investors. In exchange, Pulse was to provide Bagert "advances against a production fee tied to the budget of the show, a slice of the net profits, and 200,000 shares of its common stock." After Bagert completed his pre-production efforts, Pulse made a new partnership with American Idol creator Simon Fuller , who became Pulse's biggest shareholder and was made responsible for shepherding the Presley musical. Bagert worked on the show further on his own, but h