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Lisa Marie Presley Attends New York Fashion Week

Lisa Marie Presley The Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC.  September 14, 2011   Lisa Marie Presley attended New York Fashion Week earlier this month. Lisa made a rare public appearance at the Anna Sui show, looking stylish and slender in black skinny jeans and a blazer.

Elvis Wore Wigs As Disguises?

So says this Beverly Hills Hairdresser, Carrie White . She told the NYPost that the highlight of her career was styling the King. While doing Priscilla Presley’s hair, the King’s wife asked her the one question every hairdresser would love to hear: “Do you think you could cut my husband’s hair?” White said yes, and went to Elvis ’ house in Holmby Hills, styled his hair and even cut wigs for him as disguises. She dyed his hair black because he loved crooner Roy Orbison so much, she says. “Could I wear my hair like Ricky Nelson?” the King asked, referring to the singer’s thick locks. “Elvis, let’s not mess with your success,” White responded. To thank her, Elvis told his assistant to “get her that Lady Derringer, the one that fits into an evening bag . . . and a box of bullets, too." White got her start in the 1960s, styling hair for socialite Betsy Bloomingdale and actresses Jennifer Jones and Vanessa Redgrave. She became the go-to person for Vogue , Harper’s Bazaar an

Michael Jackson Audio - People Vs. Conrad Murray

Shocking audio was played in the court room yesterday in which Dr.Conrad Murray claims to have taped Michael Jackson in May of 2009. On the recording, MJ is slurring his words. It's very curious as to WHY Dr. Murray was recording Michael Jackson to begin with. One person commented it was to protect himself. My question is, as a doctor isn't he supposed to protect his patient? It's so very sad that Michael was under the influence of such heavy drugs and unable to enjoy his life with his family and fans who he loved so very much. What caused his pain to make him want to just escape into such a state? It's very much like reliving history, too similiar to the life and death of Elvis Presley.

Imelda May reveals how she helped mum in Cancer battle

 Sassy rockabilly singer Imelda May yesterday revealed how she helped her mother battle breast cancer. The 37-year-old star, who is in the midst of a US tour, urged women to "speak up" if they discovered a lump. She revealed her mother, Madge Clabby, was among the more than 2,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer in Ireland each year. "When someone you love is going through breast cancer, you want to do everything you can to help them," Imelda said. "Thankfully, I was able to be there for my mother when she needed me, just like she has always been there for me." Breast cancer survivor Nicola Turley from Galway said she never thought she would develop the disease at the age of 33, just one year after giving birth to her first child. "To me, breast cancer was a disease for older women, not someone like me. But every woman is at risk and needs to know what to look out for," Ms Turley said. Mobile testing units from the Marie Keati

The Memphis 13 New Documentary Film

Documentary Reflects on the Memphis 13: Memphis, 1961. A city that for previous decades was firmly set on the path of separate, but equal in the education of white and black children. But, on October 3rd the burden of historic change would ride on the shoulders of 13 black children specifically chosen to integrate four all-white schools. "It's a moment in Memphis history where there was really deliberate planning by all parties involved in order to avoid the chaotic result like we would have seen in Montgomery or Little Rock," explained University of Memphis Law Professor Daniel Kiel, the filmmaker behind a new movie called "The Memphis 13." Next week the release of "The Memphis 13" chronicles a slice of history which many Memphians might not remember, but they can look back on with some degree of pride. The previous year, all of the more than 40,000 black students in the Bluff City went to segregated schools. However, six week