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The FBI Spied on Elvis, The Beatles & even Colonel Sanders!

Classified FBI files that have now been made public reveal that the American domestic intelligence agency spied on the Beatles and Michael Jackson in case they disturbed national security. The secret files say that other stars like Frank Sinatra, John Denver, Jimi Hendrix and the boss of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) were also spied upon, The Sun reported. The FBI described John Lennon as a "radically orientated" druggie. The agency mentions him and wife Yoko Ono in around 200 pages for posing nude for an album. King of Pop Michael Jackson was mentioned in the FBI files after the agency helped California police investigate child molestation charges against him. A total of 34 pages are devoted to late guitar legend Jimi Hendrix on his marijuana possession. The files also mention that he was a contributor to a hippy magazine called "The Chicago Kaleidoscope". US agents also took interest in the band Kiss and rap star Tupac . A dossier was opened on Frank Sinatr

Cowboy Jack Clement talks Million Dollar, Elvis, Sam Phillips & Much More!

Back in January, Patsy Andersen (former Elvis Presley Enterprises Fan Relations Manager) & I spent some time in Nashville visiting friends and conducting interviewws. On this evening, we stopped by to see the cowboy and I got my camera out to start filming as we discussed how the Million Dollar Quartet came to be. We also asked Cowboy what he thought about Elvis, we talked about Sam Phillips, alittle Jerry Lee Lewis and much more. It's interesting that Cowboy says he thinks he was the first person Elvis told he was being inducted into the US Army. Enjoy this part of our evening with the great Cowboy Jack Clement. And we will bring you more from our time with Cowboy and other friends from Nashville very soon! Fore more on Cowboy Jack Clement, please visit: April 22 the Cowboy will be performing @ Joe's Pub here in NYC. If you are in the area, be sure to come see the show!