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Sammy Davis Jr. Recommended Elvis Presley for In The Ghetto says Linda Thompson

In her new book, A Little Thing Called Life, Linda Thompson talks about Elvis' legendary song, In The Ghetto. She says Elvis shared this deeply personal story about his beloved song. Linda says, "As Elvis told me, when his good friend Sammy Davis Jr. was given that song by it's writer, Mac Davis, Sammy turned it down," Linda says Elvis told her Sammy couldn't do it because he never lived that lifestyle. She says Sammy is to have said, "But I'll tell you who did. Elvis Presley." So Mac Davis gave the song to Elvis. Sammy went on to cover it says Linda. She says. "But the definitive version was recorded by Elvis who could sing it with such authority and feeling because he had lived in the ghetto. He'd experienced first hand the desperation and injustice of that kind of life. Anyone who knows the song only has to think of the recurring line,"And his Mama cried," to be reminded of the powerful love he ha

Linda Thompson shares Presley family secret - Elvis' beloved Mama, Gladys was illiterate!

Linda Thompson reveals a PRESLEY family secret in her new book, A Little Thing Called life. Linda says Elvis confided in her that his beloved Mama, Gladys Presley could not read or write. Gladys was illiterate, according to Elvis' one time girlfriend. Linda says, "Elvis told me his mother could not read or write, and that when people asked her for her autograph after he became famous, she could have only signed with an X, but she didn't want to do that." Linda said Gladys would just slip off in a back room to cover for herself. Once out of sight, she had someone write her name for her. From:Elvisinfonet BIM: This is something I never heard before. And honestly, I'm not sure I needed to know this. Look, EVERY family has secrets. And LOYAL families keep those secrets in the family. Elvis loved his Mama more than himself. I seriously doubt he would want us to know this. I think this would hurt him very much. And honestly, this isn'

Justin Bieber covers Jerry Lee Lewis' Sun Records hit Great Balls of Fire (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber skipped the VMA's yesterday to sing Karaoke in LA. Justin chose legendary Sun Records artist, Jerry Lee Lewis and his smash hit, Great Balls of Fire.  Justin Bieber singing Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis at karaoke bar in LA - August 28, 2016 Great Balls of Fire was written by Otis Blackwell and Jack Hammer. The Jerry Lee Lewis 1957 recording was ranked as the 96th greatest song ever by Rolling Stone . The song sold one million copies in its first 10 days of release in the United States and sold over five million copies, making it both one of the best-selling singles in the United States, as well as one of the world's best-selling singles of all time. Jerry Lee Lewis's original recording, which was recorded in the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee on October 8, 1957, was producing by the GODFATHER of Rock n Roll Sam Phillips , using Roland Janes on guitar and JM Van Eaton on drums. It's nice to see Bieber appreciates good music!