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Priscilla Presley's bodyguard takes down autograph hound - VIDEO

by Megan Murphy I have said this a million times before, Priscilla Presley is the CLASSIEST lady in all of Hollywood , maybe even the world! Watch as this autograph hound gets upset with how Priscilla's bodyguard positions his photo for her to sign. He goes on to tell the guard, "Don't touch my stuff, you damage my stuff, I'm going to damage something of yours." The guard calmly says, "No, you're not!" It then escalates, and Priscilla the classy lady that she is, tries to mediate the situation, but the guy begins to flip out and Priscilla's guard takes him DOWN! You can hear Priscilla yell, "Hey!" and "Oh My God" as she looks on. But there still are eager fans waiting for her signature. So the professional she is, Priscilla resumes signing for fans. But you can clearly see she is visibly shaken. Ms. Presley continually turns around to check on the situation looming in the background. Although the a