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Elvis Hologram to become a reality

The Elvis Hologram is something that has been talked about since the start of Elvis The Concert in the 90's. Patsy Andersen , formerly of Elvis Presley Enterprises first came up with the idea and tried so hard to get the concept off the ground. Many long time fan club members will remember Patsy talking about this idea the past 20 plus years. Patsy had been in talks with Disney and Touchstone films in 2003. Both confirmed this could be done. They even told Andersen they could have Elvis himself hosting the daily tours at Graceland . How awesome would that be? And imagine, we could have had this 20 years ago, if only Patsy Andersen 's concept had been seriously considered. Patsy said when she pitched it to EPE, they said it was too expensive at the time. We spoke with Patsy this morning exclusively. Patsy told me, "I tried for 20 years from the start of the concept of Elvis The Concert to the day I left Elvis Presley Enterprises to make this a reality. I wanted t