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Petula Clark didn't find Elvis Presley attractive?

Elvis Presley, Petula Clark, and Karen Carpenter. Back in 2016, I wrote about Petula Clark talking about her encounter with Elvis Presley backstage with Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters . Clark alleges that she and Carpenter dodged a threesome with the king of rock n roll. Date? I say The Twelfth of NEVER! You can read that story by clicking HERE . Anyway, today she's gone a step further while speaking with The Guardian . Clark tells the story once again this time adding that Elvis himself spread a rumor that he did in fact engage in the encounter with the two women. We all know how Elvis felt about rumors . But if you need a quick reminder.... Clark then claims she didn't find him attractive. Although she also says, it was at a time when Elvis was at his best. So let me get this right, Elvis...Elvis Presley at his best but nah, not for her? So ladies, are we believing she didn't find Elvis, Elvis Presley, THE King of Rock N Roll attractive? C