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Lisa Marie Presley was bamboozled not only by husband

Recent divorce documents reveal all of Lisa Marie's struggles. She was not only allegedly USED and ABUSED financially by her soon to be ex but also her business manager. The Daily Mail uncovered these documents which reveal the horror and heartbreak Lisa has been dealing with recently. Lockwood was demanding that a post-nuptial agreement that the two had signed in 2007 should be torn up . That document said neither party should have a claim on the assets of the other in the event of the marriage breaking down. RIGHTFULLY SO! He signed it in 2007 BUT NOW TEN YEARS LATER has an issue with it? PLEASE!  This is a Pansy Now Lockwood is demanding $40,000 a month spousal support and $100,000 toward his legal costs, saying he was coerced into signing the document. Lockwood said that Presley claimed she was worth $60 million at the time the document was signed, but he said that she is actually worth more as she did not fully disclose her assets. Why do

Lisa Marie Presley's painful divorce - Lockwood strikes back!

In court documents filed on Valentine's Day, Michael Lockwood states, ‘I am disgusted that (she) described unproven allegations about me…in a declaration that she filed in this court’s publicly accessible records.' ‘As I experienced during our more than 10-year marriage and as I believe this court will learn (Presley) has great difficulty being honest and she rarely, if ever, accepts personal responsibility for her own wrongdoing,’ he added. ‘It is particularly distasteful that (she) has placed more value on trying to damage my reputation than on the fact that her false statements may be brought to our daughters’ attention.’  ‘For the time being I will not say anything else about such statements in (Presley’s) declaration other than that the allegations against both of us have not been unproven.’ Lockedinfor18yearswood said Lisa broke the rules by revealing the ‘unproven allegations’ and that she is out to ‘destroy’ his reputation. His lawyer said that Presl

Lisa Marie Presley finds DISTURBING Images on Ex's Computer - Allegations of Abuse and Neglect (UPDATED)

Well, I always knew there was more to the story BUT I never thought it was this HEARTBREAKING! Many news outlets are reporting Lisa's girls are in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services. A hearing is set for March 17th in this matter. It is also reported that Lisa Marie found disturbing images and videos on her soon to be Ex's computer. These are alleged to be DISTURBING and INDECENT images and videos of CHILDREN! Lisa Marie is said to have notified the police herself. Police raided the home and found over 80 devices which are still being analyzed . Lisa is horrified and shocked by this. The couple have been married since 2006. They separated in June of 2016. As you may remember, Lockwood demanded SPOUSAL SUPPORT and Attorney Fees. The Daily Mail uncovered Lisa's legal response filed February 7, 2017. Lisa Marie states she does not have the funds to pay Lockwood spousal support and attorney fees. She even admits she has yet to pay