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Unsolved 1956 Murder of The Grimes Sisters - Die Hard Elvis Presley Fans

On Dec. 28, 1956, the Chicago sisters begged their mother to let them go on a short bus trip to see their idol in “ Love Me Tender ,” Elvis Presley ’s first movie. Within days, Mr. Rock ’n’ Roll himself would send a personal message to the star-struck sisters.     “If you are good Presley fans, you’ll go home and ease your mother’s worries,” the singer pleaded. Unfortunately, Barbara, 15 , and Patricia, 13, would never know they had received this singular honor. By the time Presley issued his appeal, the girls were already dead.  About a month later, a construction worker driving along a deserted road near Willow Springs, Ill., noticed “these flesh-colored things” in a ditch. They were the frozen remains of the Grimes girls . Source: Chicagonow Their mother, Loretta, said she had sent them off that evening with instructions to be home before midnight. A neighbor said she and her 6-year-old sister sat with the girls in the theater. Several people recalled s

Prince Museum to host 4 day Celebration on first anniversary of his death

DJ Magazine reports Prince’s estate will host a four-day celebration in honor of the 'Purple Rain' singer. The event will take place at Prince’s home-turned-museum, Paisley Park, and will feature guided tours, panel discussions and live music from some of Prince’s former collaborators.  BIM:    Sound Familiar? Yes, exactly! Elvis Week. The celebration will take place during the first anniversary of Prince's passing. I bet a vigil will be part of the plan as well. There's two very good reasons for that. 1. The company now managing Graceland and it's tour operations also is starting up Paisley Place. 2. Our very own, Angie Marchese, Director of Archives is also now part of Paisley Place. I am sure her years of experience and knowledge are helping build and protect the legacy of Prince just as she has done for Elvis Presley. New Power Generation, the Revolution and 3rdeyegirl are set to perform, with tickets currently on sale for $ 499 for g