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One arrest made @ Elvis Presley's grave @ Graceland - reports a fan

Beverly Burnett is in Memphis at the vigil right now and reports that a protester was just arrested at The meditation garden (Where Elvis is buried). Way to go Memphis police department!

Protesters have left Graceland due to rain, FANS and Police still present!

The rain chased the protesters away but the Memphis Police and the fans are still present. Thank you GOD! Source: WREG MEMPHIS

Elvis Fans Matter!

Elvis fans have a message for protesters Source: Memphis channel 3

Protesters sign - Not about Elvis but Graceland

FOX13 Memphis ‏: Dozens of protesters are gathered outside Graceland.

Elvis fans cheer as Memphis Police Director Rallings arrives @ Graceland!

Scott Madaus FOX channel 13 Memphis shared this photo and reports: Director Rallings just arrived… He's walking down Elvis Presley Blvd. as fans cheer for his arrival.

Protesters and Police Present @ Graceland now

Protesters @ Graceland                                                Memphis Police filiming protesters @ Graceland Source: Joey Sulipeck Fox 13 Memphis

Protesters @ Graceland - We have A LOT MORE coming!

Just overheard protester, "we're going to be here all night". Also " We've got a lot more coming @LocalMemphis Reporter Kelli Cook

First Arrest @ Graceland as Elvis Presley Candle Light Service gathering begins - Thank You MPD!

Kelli Cook , reporter for Local Memphis is reporting this: May be first arrest. Protestor being put in handcuffs. Source -  Local Memphis

Graceland on LOCK DOWN! Memphis Police - Barricades and boots on the ground - UPDATE - NO PROTESTERS YET

Scott Madaus - Fox 13 Memphis shared this photo and update,  Elvis Presley Blvd. is locked down tight. Concrete barriers, countless law-enforcement & an armored vehicle Greg Coy of Fox Memphis shared this photo from Graceland - barricades and boots on the ground for candle light vigil protestors have not shown up Chloe Morrini of Fox shared this - Large police presence outside Graceland in case protestors show up Source: My Fox Memphis  

Memphis Police well planned and prepared for Protest @ Graceland - THANK YOU Memphis!

Thank You Memphis Police Department for respecting this peaceful night to remember one of Memphis' finest, Elvis Presley. Thank you for knowing this is more than a novelty. Fans and protesters will both have their area and it looks like the police have planned this so neither will interact. If protesters leave their area, they will be ARRESTED! Memphis Police should call this #OperationPeaceInTheValley

Protest area EMPTY- Large Police Presence @ Graceland

This is from Memphis FOX reporter Marius Payton this afternoon. The protester area was completely empty. Another photo of the Protesters area EMPTY from reporter Greg Coy Photo from Greg Coy, Fox Memphis an hour ago. Payton also shared this photo of the large Police presence. Memphis citizens can blame protesters if any emergencies come up in the city as the Police are all at Graceland. Shame! Memphis Police @ Graceland. Photo from Marius Payton, Fox Memphis Memphis Police Sky Cam - Photo Marius Payton Fox Memphis Source: My Fox Memphis

Jack Soden speaks out about Black Lives Matter Protest tonight @ Graceland - THANK YOU JACK!

Memphis FOX13 heard for the first time on camera from the CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises about the planned protest there tonight at 6 p.m. Jack Soden said he really hopes protesters will think twice about disrupting Elvis Week and tonight's candlelight vigil. He said thousands of people from all over the world have come to Memphis for the Elvis celebration and they shouldn't feel threatened. "Harassing our visitors from all over the world is pretty difficult to understand how that improves things, but we are going to be with peace and love and the fans are so great,” Soden said. Protest organizers said they picked Graceland specifically because they know they'll be noticed. Source: My Fox Memphis BIM: THANK YOU JACK SODEN! Thank You for speaking out! We fans should be able to come on vacation to Memphis and NOT feel threatened or be in FEAR. Thank You for acknowledging that and speaking out. Thanks for TCBing!

Elvis Presley - January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977