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Petula Clark and Karen Carpenter turned down Elvis Presley???? (Video)

Elvis Presley tried to have a threesome with singers Petula Clark and the late Karen Carpenter but instead sent them running for the door. Clark, 84, has revealed that she and Carpenters singer Karen were in Elvis’s Las Vegas dressing room in the 1970s when the legendary icon tried to proposition them — however their reaction was probably something that Elvis wasn’t used to, reports The Sun. “I think he wanted to be more than friends. Well, I know he did,” she said, according to The Sun “It was flattering but I shuffled out, dragging Karen behind me, saying we had other things to do.  “As we were leaving, Elvis turned around and was smiling as if to say, ‘I’ll get you one day.’ But he never did. Thank heavens!” In another interview with the Irish independent, the Downtown singer added: “’He was very amused by that. It was probably the first time anyone had ever turned him down.” Clark has just released her 45th studio album. Source BIM: I think the date was the 12t