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Elvis Week 2011 Photos Available on

Were you at Elvis Week 2011 or know somebody that was? Hundreds of photos are now available for purchase on . Photos come on many types of paper and in many sizes, making them great gifts for everyone. Some of our group was caught on film....see below! Our group @ Ernst & Roger's Event The Legendary Brian B getting wine for me @ the fan club event!

Elvis Presley in Concert Dates Announced for Belfast and Dublin

Elvis Presley in Concert is coming to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland, on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 and The O2 in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday, March 14, 2012! A ticket pre-sale only for basic and plus members of the Elvis Insiders will begin on Monday, September 5, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. Ireland Time (3:00 a.m. EST) and go through Wednesday, September 7, 2011. On Monday, September 5th, Elvis Insiders who want to purchase tickets during the pre-sale can visit and visit the NEWS section for the pre-sale link. Ticket sales for the general public will begin on Thursday, September, 8, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. Ireland time (3:00 a.m. EST.) See more dates for the 2012 Elvis Presley in Concert European tour @! We'll be at both shows and hope to see you there too!

EPE Pursuing Legal Action Against RCA Germany

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. and the Calunius Litigation Risk Fund announced today developments in a multi-million Euro lawsuit against Arista Music, formerly RCA Records, in Germany. The suit, which was filed in the name of its sister company Elvis Presley Enterprises, LLC in December 2010, is demanding proper payment for sound recordings in Germany featuring Elvis Presley including new media, like downloads, ringtones and entertainment apps that Presley himself could not have dreamed would someday exist. The suit is only applicable to sound recordings in Germany and is limited to amounts earned since March 2002 and future revenue until 2023 following an amendment to German copyright law that extended the term of copyright protection. The suit alleges that Presley was unjustly exploited during his lifetime by the record company and that his estate has continued to suffer from those injustices. The central issue, as it relates to this German suit, is the 1973 buyout agreement,

1957 Newly Discovered Footage of Elvis @ Coliseum

Lara Neel | The Journal Gazette A reel of film of a 1957 Elvis concert at the Coliseum was found among items for a model train auction. ’57 Elvis at Coliseum film could rock fans A little more than 54 years ago Elvis Presley performed at Memorial Coliseum. You’d probably have to be in your mid-60s to even remember the concert, and if you actually attended the show you’re probably at least 70 today. That’s a long time ago, so let’s just say the King’s 1957 local concert hasn’t been a topic of daily conversation for some time. Until last week. It seems that Ellenberger Brothers Auctions, which is having a big auction of model trains Sept. 10, stumbled across an odd item that was tossed into the sale at the last minute, almost as an afterthought. The item had nothing to do with trains. It was nothing more than a tin can, actually one of those flat containers used to hold old film reels. On the cover was a little piece of tape with the words “Elvis 1957 Cole

Elvis Live Live Live Volume 2 DVD/CD Set

Messiah Productions ' Elvis Live Live Live Volume 2' : The Cincinnati Special plus the main attraction Elvis On Tour and That's The Way It Is Out-takes in perfect quality . The DVD includes Johnny B. Goode complete version...Always On My Mind with different camera angles and see Elvis walk out of the studio, an outstanding never released version of Words and the complete Fort Dix farewell interview. There's more... 80 minutes of Elvis in Cincinnati on March 21, 1976 , both the afternoon and evening performances with 30 minutes of unreleased footage from the two shows. If that's not enough a bonus CD of rare tracks with many unreleased versions come one and all to the video and audio event of the year. This DVD / CD project is a limited edition....Get one while they last ! Bonus CD Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall - undubbed master  She Thinks I Still Care - unedited undubbed master  The Last Farewell - False start, undubbed master  Moody Blue - overdub