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NJ Paper: Priscilla Presley a NO Show but....

Instead of checking their facts before putting Priscilla Presley's photograph on the front cover of their newspaper, they ran a false story! The paper stated, Thomas Presley, Elvis' cousin said Priscilla Presley was coming to town to honor an impersonator who claimed to know both Elvis & Priscilla. Being born & raised in Bayonne & a life long Elvis fan who has met Priscilla numerous times, this was news to me. And laughable! There is NO Thomas Presley! Even family members I contacted, Knew no such person! Although the Jersey Journal & have been informed this story is false. They refuse to own up to bad journalism. And apologizing to Priscilla Presley as well as the fans. Rather than admit they blew it by NOT fact checking, researching this alleged cousin or contacting Priscilla's people or the estate of Elvis Presley, they have chosen to call Priscilla Presley a NO Show! Leaving lots of local people & fans angry at Ms. Presley. This is beyond WRON