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David Foster Talks About Lisa Marie & Michael Jackson

Canadian producing and songwriting legend David Foster gave a surprising answer when asked to reveal something about the late Michael Jackson that the public doesn't know. "I know that he and Lisa Marie (Presley) were absolutely 100% in love because I was around them, and it was amazing," Foster said. "It was a great love story. I know that." Jackson and Presley were married for 18 months in the mid-1990s, but many believe the marriage was a sham. Foster performed live at the Television Critics Association tour, along with Donna Summer and Charice, to promote his PBS special The Hitman Returns, which airs in March. Foster also was asked if he thought Jackson would approve of his technically unfinished music that has been released since his death.  "If I'm just second-guessing I would think he would probably disapprove," said Foster, who collaborated with Jackson on Off the Wall, Thriller and History. "The reason that stuff was not out

Graceland Closed Today!

Due to inclement weather, Graceland will be closed on Monday, January 10.

EPE Vs. Chrysalis Music To The Tune of 5 Million Dollars!

Elvis Presley Enterprises claims Chrysalis Music Group owes it more than $5 million in licensing fees for The King's music. Presley Enterprises accuses Chrysalis of "an astonishing lack of internal controls and related failures," and "failure to properly render payment" of "substantial sums."      Co-plaintiff Belinda Aberbach is an heir of the estates of Julian and Jean Aberbach who, with Presley's manager Col. Tom Parker, set up two New York corporations in the mid-1950s to control copyrights on "certain musical compositions recorded by Presley." The corporations are Gladys Music and Elvis Presley Music.      Presley owed 25% of each corporation, Parker owned 25%, and the Aberbachs owned 50%, according to the complaint in New York County Court.      After The King died in 1977, a series of assignments left Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) owning 50% interest in the compositions, and the heirs of the Aberbach's owning the other 50%

Graceland Covered In Snow!

We left the Graceland area about 2 and half hours ago, the roads are so bad we just got into our hotel room safely. The entrance for 55 off  Elvis Presley was so bad, cars were slamming into the divider, we had to back off the entrance and make our way to the Airways entrance. Not a snow plow in sight! If you in Memphis, and you are traveling home tomorrow by car or plane, plan extra time and be safe! And if you're staying a few extra days like us, just stay in your room and watch Elvis movies! Can't think of a better place to be snowed in than Memphis!