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Red West - actor and former Elvis Presley Associate died of a heart attack at age 81

Red West , friend and bodyguard of Elvis Presley who became a successful film and television actor after ending his association with the singer, died Tuesday night after suffering an aortic aneurysm at Baptist Hospital. He was 81, according to The Commercial Appeal BIM:   Red wrote 11 songs for Elvis including If Everyday Was Like Christmas, Holy Leaves and Christmas Trees, Seeing is Believing, If You Think I Don't Need you (from the Viva las Vegas soundtrack, also starring Ann Margret), If You Talk In Your Sleep, Separate Ways, You'll be Gone, that's Someone You Never Forget (Elvis himself gave Red the title and asked him to write the song about his mother). Red was also co-author of the infamous book, Elvis What Happened with his cousin Sonny West, and another Elvis associate Dave Hebler. The book went on to be a best seller after the death of Elvis Presley. After Red's days with Elvis, he went on to a successful career as an actor. Most recently, he had a