Elvis Candlelight Livestream filled with Too Much Monkey Business!

Many fans were watching the candlelight service on livestream. And from the start, it became a bizarre event!

First, Priscilla Presley referred to it as Elvis' birthday. OK, one time I get it, we are all getting older, tiredness etc. But she referred to this as his birthday many times to the point, I thought she was going to have the crowd sing Happy Birthday Elvis. I kid you not! Seriously! So bizarre! 

But she did look great as always. All kidding aside, I get it. We all have been there during a big Elvis Week, you're so tired, you don't make sense! Priscilla, get some rest! You're scaring me! 

Next, we get Tom Brown Live from the green screen of the "front lawn", great to see Tom, ok but that's where we stayed for most of the night. Tom talking and talking and talking about the wonderful new movie, Elvis. Yes, it's wonderful but tonight was not about sales pitches or the wonderful movie. The candlelight service was created BY FANS FOR FANS. 

Fans who are watching the livestream are mostly long time dedicated fans. You don't have to educate us, or sell to us. We have seen the movie numerous times and we love it. And no shade to Tom, that's what EPE paid him to do, he is doing his job. He sure is a good talker. 

The continuous clips, the impractical joker guy was on for way too long, so boring and not what we want to see. I saw various comments on the livestream feed of complaints. One guy had a great comment, he said Where's Mickey Mouse? because they had so many clips of people talking about the movie that only Mickey Mouse was missing. Many fans were bored by all the talking and stopped watching the stream. One fan called it a snoozefest.

One thing I have to correct Tom Brown on, he said EPE never shut down the vigil and stopped fans from going up. They tried once. I believe it was the 20th anniversary. The tours were about to start on the morning of the 16th and many fans were still in line to go up and EPE tried to close the line. Two of those fans are very dear friends of mine and they raised hell. EPE was concerned about the tour buses going up the driveway while fans were walking up. So it did happen once. Jack Soden got an earful from my two friends and needless to say, they went up.

So many fans commenting on the talking, Enough of these guys talking, we want to hear Elvis, we want to see the vigil, the fans.

This talking about the movie could have been a special to kick off Elvis Week or the release of the movie. But don't do this on candlelight night. Save the propaganda. The candlelight is very special, it is highly revered BY fans. Don't ruin it even if we are only talking about the livestream. That's where it starts and soon the in person event will change too.

Geez, even The Colonel would no go this far with the propaganda! 

Finally when the talking stops, we fans hope ok now we will see the vigil. 

Nope, livestream ENDED. WTH! Are you kidding me? 

We tune in to experience the candlelight service, we want to hear Elvis singing and watch the fans gathered there to pay their respects to Elvis. We want to see our friends with their candles. We want to share that special evening, that special connection. We want to experience it. It's an emotional connection, an experience we share with our fellow fans. We lost that tonight for the first time ever. 

If anything, all that talking, talking, and more talking and clips could have been shown the hour BEFORE the candlelight started. That would have been great! So many fans found this to be tasteless and disrespectful to Elvis and his fans. 

The quality of the livestream has improved tremendously throughout the years. And we fans appreciate the chance to experience this sacred event on line. But please keep it simple, we want to hear ELVIS and see our fellow ELVIS fans

And two hours? Come on! EPE used to let this keep streaming the fans going up the driveway and playing the music until at least midnight. It felt like you were there. And it was incredible to watch. 

THAT will sell more tickets, more hotel rooms not tuning into an infomercial. TACKY!  

Salesman talkin' to me, tryin' to run me up a creek 

Says you can buy it, go on try it, you can pay me next week, ahh 

Too much monkey business, too much monkey business 

Too much monkey business for me to be involved in  

Too Much Monkey Bu$ine$$, EPE! 

Not cool! You dropped the ball!


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