Priscilla Presley turns to say Hi to Ronnie Tutt during Concert - Elvis Week Fatigue?


Was it Elvis Week fatigue? This past Elvis Week 2022 during the big concert, Priscilla Presley came on stage with Andy Childs and his band. Priscilla (referring to Elvis' original TCB Band) turns around and says," I just want to say hello to Ronnie….wow, they're not out here yet. Are they? No! Glen D Hardin is here? And Jerry Scheff is here?" While Andy is shaking his head to confirm.

Apparently, Priscilla forgot that Ronnie Tutt passed away. In October of 2021, Priscilla had posted a photo of herself with Ronnie Tutt and expressed condolences to his family on Instagram. This was the second time Priscilla showed signs of fatigue or memory issues during Elvis Week. Many of us have been to a big anniversary year for Elvis Week. All the running around from event to event, lack of sleep, no time to eat, it can make anyone a little out of it.


On the evening of August 15th, Priscilla Presley stood on stage outside of Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion to speak to fans for the opening ceremony of the annual candlelight vigil service. Priscilla referred to it as Elvis’ birthday. She said it was Elvis' 45th birthday and even asked the fans to say Happy Birthday Elvis! Some did while others stood stunned at her behavior. She told a story about how Elvis did not like to celebrate his birthday but did celebrate others birthdays. She referred to this death anniversary as his birthday many times (6 to 7 times) to the point, I thought she was going to have the crowd sing Happy Birthday. 

@backinmemphis #PriscillaPresley wishes #Elvis a Happy 45th Birthday on the anniversary of his death during annual candlelight vigil during #ElvisWeek at #Graceland ♬ original sound - BackinMemphis

We have to acknowledge, Priscilla is 77 years old. Memory issues are common at that age. It will happen to us all. And these past few years, she has endured so many family issues. It started in 2016 with Lisa Marie's issues then her brutal divorce. Priscilla stepped up and helped take care of Lisa's twins while Lisa dealt with her issues. In 2018, Priscilla lost her (step) father, Paul Beaulieu.In 2020, Priscilla's grandson and Lisa Marie's only son committed suicide. Priscilla not only had to deal with that trauma but as a mother, she must have worried terribly how her only daughter would handle the loss of her only son with whom Lisa had an intensely strong bond. Priscilla also travels the world hosting different Elvis related concerts and events which can take it's toll. Priscilla had been caring for her 95 year old mother Ann for some time. On August 3rd, 2021, Priscilla was heart broken when she lost her beloved mother. These traumatic events could have certainly taken their toll on Priscilla and rightfully so. 

Priscilla has been a wonderful ambassador to Graceland and always so gracious to the Elvis Presley fans. We hope this is just fatigue from a hectic Elvis Week and wish her the very best.


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