Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Legendary Guitarist Scotty Moore has passed away

The Commercial Appeal has reported some terribly sad news that legendary guitarist Scotty Moore has passed away.

"Scotty Moore, One of the foundational figures in rock and roll, a profoundly influential guitarist, and the man who helped Elvis Presley become the king, died Tuesday. Moore, who had been in poor health in recent months, died in his longtime home of Nashville. He was 84. News of Moore's death was confirmed by several sources, including Moore's friend and Phillips Recording Service engineer Matt Ross-Spang."

Services for Moore will be Thursday in his hometown of Humboldt, Tennessee.

Read the FULL article by Bob Mehr @  Commercial Appeal

Lisa Marie Presley - Divorce Petition - Read All The Details!

Radaronline  has the complete divorce petition filed by Lisa Marie Presley.

The documents reveal the couple has been separated since June 13, 2016.

The papers also state that each will pay their own legal fees.

As far as assets, the document states TBD ( To Be Determined).

The MOST SHOCKING detail of this divorce is that Lisa is asking the court for FULL CUSTODY of the twins, And MONITORED VISITATIONS for Michael.

The legal document was filed on Friday, June 24, 2016.

To read the FULL 7 Page petition, visit Radaronline

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood - Go Thier Seperate Ways - Divorce Details

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood, Priscilla Presley with the twins earlier this month.
Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce last week. 

Lisa and husband Michael have decided there's nothing left to do but go their separate ways. Love has slipped away and left them only friends. They almost seem like strangers. All that's left between them are the memories they shared. 

You know the rest;)

TMZ  broke the news of Lisa Marie Presley's divorce from 4th husband Michael Lockwood.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ they had a postnup ... the divorce docs say nothing about any division of property.

Lisa Marie cites irreconcilable differences for the divorce and she lists the date of separation as June 13th. One source made it clear, "She doesn't want any of his money."

RadarOnLine  dug a bit deeper, reporting Lisa Marie Presley doesn’t want her husband, Michael Lockwood, spending time alone with their twins,

Elvis‘s daughter made the shocking demand for “monitored visitations” in her June 24 divorce filing, 

The couple have two children, Harper and Finley, both 7, and Presley wants primary custody of both.

Presley cited “irreconcilable differences” in the documents, and claimed that she and Lockwood separated on June 13, although they hadn’t been seen together for months. They married back on January 22, 2006.

Strangely, Presley left completely blank the section regarding child support and spousal support, neither requesting nor relinquishing such payments.

She asked that both parties pay their own attorneys fees.

The National Enquirer reports the couple secretly separated last year. 

The ENQUIRER's spies also said they were hearing reports that Michael had a medical emergency at their Tennessee home last November. “The word was that Michael suffered some kind of heart-related issue, or even a mini-stroke,” revealed the source. “Everything is being kept on the down-low. The story is she frantically phoned his folks and urged them to rush to his bedside in Tennessee.”

Michael’s parents, Billy and Vivienne, flew in from Las Vegas and supposedly didn’t go home until mid-January of 2016.

But Michael had been seen hanging around the house since then, divulged the spy. “He’s doing stuff like picking their twin daughters up from their private school every day,” said the insider.

BIM -  It's very curious WHY Lisa wants MONITORED Visitation for the twins. 

There's a DEFINITE REASON for that. When Lisa divorced first husband Danny, they remained close and raised their children, Riley and Ben together. So this is NOT Lisa being spiteful or mean. 

Lisa is a very protective mother and she will do everything in the BEST interest of her little girls.

Our thoughts are with Lisa and her family at this time. This will be very hard on her little girls.

Monday, June 27, 2016

New Elvis Tell Alls.....Fans and Facebook

OK, so I am not mentioning any names or linking to any news sites because I don't want to give attention to ANY "NEW ELVIS TELLS ALLS" from so called "FRIENDS" or so called "FAMILY".

I have noticed since Facebook, SOME fans no longer care what certain people say about Elvis or projects they take part in that are negative to Elvis' image. They forget books, TV interviews, tabloids from the past.

Why? Because they now are FACEBOOK FRIENDS with these people.

I am so glad, I was part of the Elvis World when fans, Graceland employees, Elvis friends and family banned together and fought against any negative press or late night talk show jokes about Elvis. You don't see that today at all.

The Elvis and Nixon movie was a game changer for me. So many friends would talk to me about how hurtful it was, how mad they were. I got hundreds of emails about it. So many fueled my fire. But VERY FEW would stand up publicly and say how they felt. And their excuse was, well, I am facebook friends with.......

You know what? I am so very grateful to Elvis Presley for exposing me to many different genres of music, for giving me so many amazing friends from all over the world who I love like family, for giving me a community where I felt I belonged, for  giving me so many opportunities, and beyond that, so many memories and so much happiness. My loyalty is with him. I don't care about Facebook Friends, if they are so called friends of Elvis, So called family, ETAs, or Elvis Radio DJs.

My loyalty to Elvis comes first. You can excuse younger fans because, well live and learn. But the fans of my generation and beyond, we need to get that loyalty back and stop being star struck.

Who cares how many facebook friends we have!? Who cares WHO your facebook friends are? It's all about Elvis! Look how much he has given us! We owe him some gratitude and loyalty. Elvis was always loyal to his fans.

Will Elvis ever rest in peace?

When you hear these words coming out of your mouth, yes but I'm facebook friends with.....so I can't say anything. Remember you are putting THAT person before Elvis who gave us so much. And there is no loyalty in that. And would THAT person be as loyal to you for any reason? I doubt it. They aren't loyal to Elvis who they supposedly LOVED or worked for or currently work for, It's all about $$$.

We fans have to preserve Elvis' TRUE image, his humanitarian ways and all the wonderful things he has done. We need to pass the torch. And have future generations love Elvis for who he really was. We need to pass that torch in tact. It's not right now.

As long as we allow this negative press and say nothing because we are FACEBOOK FRIENDS with these trolls still making money off Elvis forty years later, Shame on us Elvis fans!

I was blessed to be part of the Elvis World in the 80's and 90's when Elvis' family, friends and fans worked together to continue the legacy and not allow the media to trash him. It's not like that now.

While other celebrities are shown compassion, Elvis is made to be a joke. Heartbreaking!

I feel really bad for the younger generations of Elvis fans. And I'd like that to change.I want future generations of fans to enjoy Elvis and not have Elvis' image tarnished by this nonsense. I want them to know what an amazing man he was. And NOT be part of an Elvis World, that puts, I am FACEBOOK FRIENDS with Elvis' WHATEVER before ELVIS!!!

Let's stop being narcissistic and remember Elvis. We want Graceland to be a tourist attraction for many generations to come. And more importantly, we want the general public to know what an amazing man Elvis Presley was. He wasn't a cartoon. He was a kind man who loved to laugh. He was very generous and enjoyed sharing his wealth with family, friends and even strangers. His charitable contributions are not well known. Stories about Elvis' generosity would bring you to tears.

But we fans have to stand up! We owe it to Elvis for all he has given us. We need to blast the media, radio shows, TV shows etc regardless if you are FACEBOOK FRIENDS with anyone associated with Elvis or others.

Don't fall for a sad story. Geez, we all have one. There is NO EXCUSE good enough for SELLING OUT ELVIS!

Don't be brain washed by media, or radio programs. Don't fall for the sales pitch. Your so called FACEBOOK FRIENDS have their own agenda. Think on your own. And if you think it's bad for Elvis' legacy, stand up and say so. Don't be afraid of your facebook friends. Can you now see how silly that sounds? I hope so.

We Elvis Fans have a duty to preserve his image truthfully. We ALL have to do our part. And if you're not willing, shame on you!

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Graceland and Elvis Radio needs to step up to the plate as well. All that FREE publicity for that awful Elvis and Nixon movie would have broke Elvis' heart. What a betrayal. And it's not even like any of them made a dime on it. Elvis didn't see a penny of it. Can you see how wrong that is? And bad business, most of all? They gave away FREE publicity and brain washed fans that  it was ok. Even though, it was bad for Elvis' image and legacy. That's so bad bad for their BRAND, ELVIS!

Like some Elvis fans get star struck with being FACEBOOK FRIENDS with Elvis friends, family and DJs. Those DJs and employees get star struck too. They twist it, turn it any way to sell it to YOU......but stop and think about Elvis FIRST.

Ask yourself this (without the twisting of history, without the pitiful excuses of why They SOLD OUT their FRIEND or FAMILY MEMBER)

Is it positive to Elvis' Image?

If the answer is NO, forget your FACEBOOK FRIENDS! Stand up for Elvis! He has always had your back, now have his. And let's make sure future generations, know the REAL Elvis and they enjoy an Elvis World like we have! Let's keep the legacy of Elvis Presley going! TCB with TLC!

I love you guys!

Megan Murphy

Saturday, June 25, 2016