Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Storyteller's Museum opens at Johnny Cash Tennessee Farm

40 miles out of the city

Johnny Cash’s beloved home and personal concert venue have been transformed into the ultimate tribute to the Man in Black. One of Nashville’s many charms is that it’s awash in music history at seemingly every turn. From the Grand Ole Opry to Ryman Auditorium, the city is proud of its country music heritage —and the legendary Johnny Cash in particular. While Music City proper has its own Johnny Cash Museum, the Man in Black’s beloved farm in Bon Aqua, Tennessee—about 40 miles west of the city—has now been transformed into the Storytellers Museum and Cash Hideaway Farm, which opened to the public last week.

The manner by which Cash came into possession of the 107-acre farm in the early 1970s has the makings of a great country song: in his 1997 memoirs, Cash: The Autobiography, the iconic musician wrote about how he discovered that his accountant at the time was embezzling money from him, and using it to make real estate deals. After learning of the financial improprieties, Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, sold off all but one of the properties—the Bon Aqua farm, writing that his first impression of the place was “love at first sight.”

Though it fell into disrepair following Cash’s death in 2003, husband-and-wife Brian and Sally Oxley purchased the property in 2015 and immediately began the process of restoring it. When a nearby general store that Cash had used to host his 'Saturday Night in Hickman County' concerts also went up for sale, they purchased that, too. That building now serves as the Storytellers Museum, which houses some of Cash’s most prized and personal possessions, including several of his guitars and the black Mercedes-Benz he drove for the last 14 years of his life and which he wrote about in the song “One Piece at a Time.”

The museum will also resurrect Cash’s concert series by hosting live music events daily. Just a mile up the road is Cash Hideaway Farm, where Cash and his family lived for more than 30 years, calling it the place where he could “live the life of a country boy. I love to and I need to.”

Source: Conde Nast Traveler

Visit StoryTeller's Museum HERE

Dee Stanley SHOCKING Claims on Geraldo Rivera show 1992 (VIDEO)

 This is important for new and younger fans to see and be aware of, especially with TRASH books coming out on the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death on August 16th.

These claims are very SICK and HURTFUL! And above ALL, LIES!

Elvis' father Vernon divorced Dee. Stories have changed but SCANDAL and SMUTT always remain!
This is disgusting and sick!

Friends, Don't get star struck or sweet talked because you are "FACEBOOK FRIENDS" with "So Called" Family.

Read the pathetic book, Elvis We Love You Tender and don't fall for the BS lies, if you love Elvis this book and all books like it will BREAK YOUR HEART!

So don't buy any NEW CRAP BOOKS about Elvis.

Elvis Presley was a good American boy who loved his family and adored his Mama rightly so!

Let's not forget Dee tried for Elvis but settled for Vernon.

The National Enquirer, media sources and publishers pay big bucks for scandal.

GOD BLESS JD SUMNER for putting Dee in her place! I miss that man.
P.S. 31 minutes in, check out my man Tom Salva telling Dee off! TCB Tom!
Also features Bill Burke, and the sweetest woman in the Elvis World, Nereinda Howe! Die Hard Elvis fans protecting the king! Let's keep that tradition going! TCB with TLC!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Protesters at Graceland Today - EP Blvd blocked, 2 arrests made - Photos and Video

Black Lives Matter protesters gathered near Graceland for more than two hours, Tuesday afternoon.

Early in the demonstration, some protesters sat in the street to block traffic, and they were detained.

"We've got hundreds of more people coming" - one of the leaders here outside of Graceland. @FOX13Memphis

More Photos of Protest @ Elvis Presley's Graceland, Memphis TN

Protesters then focused their efforts outside the walls of Graceland. Many of them were chanting and walking up and down the road.

Some of the demonstrators made their way back and forth across the street in an effort to slow traffic, according to FOX13 reporters on the scene.

Click here for VIDEO

Source: Fox Memphis - Commercial Appeal

Friday, July 1, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen..Michael Lockwood has left the building! More Details on Lisa Marie Presley's Divorce

TMZ  reports Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce in part because she believes her husband has played fast and loose with her money.

Her lawyer, Ron Litz, says Michael ran the finances during their marriage and she didn't monitor any of it, including the Elvis money that came in.

We're told when the relationship started getting rocky, she noticed things ... in particular an enormous American Express bill ... more than $109,000. Shortly after she spotted the charge, AmEx sued her.

We're told Lisa Marie's legal team has now opened a forensic audit to determine where all the money went during their marriage.  

As we reported, the couple had a postnup. We're told that document makes it clear ... all the Elvis money is hers. 

We made several attempts to reach Michael, with no luck.

PEOPLE magazine says her lawyer says they've since updated the petition to instead request legal separation,  it's only due to a legal formality and there's no going back for the singer. 

"They're not trying to work it out and get back together," her lawyer Ronald Litz tells PEOPLE. "She's done."  

As for why Presley is calling it quits, Litz says it's two-fold, having to do with the couple's finances and their kids.

"He apparently was in charge of her assets throughout the marriage and didn't do what he should have done on a fiduciary basis," Litz explains. 

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, though at one point they did draw up a postnuptial agreement. Still, the lawyer claims, "He took advantage of her." 

"there are some problems with him being a good father, in terms of what a father is supposed to do," says Litz, adding that her request for full custody seems warranted. "I absolutely believe that what we're asking for is necessary." 

Despite the news of the split, Litz says the couple hasn't actually spoken about the impending divorce. "She doesn't know what his reaction is going to be to this," says the lawyer,

adding that it's been "at least a month" since Lockwood moved out of their home and Presley has been unable to locate his new residence in order to serve him. 

"It's tough on her, but she's going to get through it," says Litz of the latest split. "There's so much stress and nonsense that goes on during divorce. But she'll be fine ultimately."

BIM-  Here's what Lisa should do, go the Mariah Carey route, find herself a BILLIONAIRE. Then she doesn't have to worry if they are with her for money. Someone not in the music business, a guy a little submissive because Lisa is a strong woman. Go on his yacht for the summer like Mariah! And be treated exactly how her daddy would want and EXPECT her to be treated!

They had 10 years and that's a good run. So Wendy Williams and people on social media should look in their own closets before judging. It's not easy being the daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley. That comes with a lot of pressure and doubts.

And those who criticize Lisa for "LETTING" him manage money,  he could have done a lot behind her back without her knowing. She would constantly have to be looking over credit reports, bills etc. And who does that in a marraige? It would have caused more problems.

Lisa is entitled to TRUST HER HUSBAND as MOST WOMEN DO. Lisa is human and she deserves a NORMAL LIFE. So shame on those who judge her!

Lisa has NEVER lived like a KARDASHIAN. Her life is pretty simple and not ROCK STAR.

Her family means the most to her, not fancy houses, expensive clothes and jewelry.

You don't see Lisa or her kids posting pics in a metallic Telsa or bedazzled Range Rover.

So those who say she lives like Elvis, YES and NO! She lives simple like her daddy YES!

But that's about it. And regardless, Elvis adored Lisa and he would want her to spend the money on her family and herself ANY WAY SHE WANTED!

Elvis probably would have wanted her to spend MORE MONEY!

If this story is true, shame on ML for spending Lisa's money from the estate. There's many fancy guitar pics on his site maybe paid for courtesy of Elvis and Lisa. We will have to chalk him up to the same as the many friends who used Elvis in life and still in death.

Shame! That money is for PRESLEY family, Lisa and her kids. Not HIM!

There's A LOT MORE going on here than WE know.

Lisa is VERY PRIVATE. And I don't blame her. It has to be very difficult to be Lisa. I have seen some nutty people approach her. She can't trust anyone just like her daddy.

I admire Lisa for doing all she can to protect her little girls. This is a very difficult situation. My prayers go out to those little girls right now.

Just remember there is more to this than we know. Read the facts and it's pretty clear Lisa is doing the right thing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Legendary Guitarist Scotty Moore has passed away

The Commercial Appeal has reported some terribly sad news that legendary guitarist Scotty Moore has passed away.

"Scotty Moore, One of the foundational figures in rock and roll, a profoundly influential guitarist, and the man who helped Elvis Presley become the king, died Tuesday. Moore, who had been in poor health in recent months, died in his longtime home of Nashville. He was 84. News of Moore's death was confirmed by several sources, including Moore's friend and Phillips Recording Service engineer Matt Ross-Spang."

Services for Moore will be Thursday in his hometown of Humboldt, Tennessee.

Read the FULL article by Bob Mehr @  Commercial Appeal

Lisa Marie Presley - Divorce Petition - Read All The Details!

Radaronline  has the complete divorce petition filed by Lisa Marie Presley.

The documents reveal the couple has been separated since June 13, 2016.

The papers also state that each will pay their own legal fees.

As far as assets, the document states TBD ( To Be Determined).

The MOST SHOCKING detail of this divorce is that Lisa is asking the court for FULL CUSTODY of the twins, And MONITORED VISITATIONS for Michael.

The legal document was filed on Friday, June 24, 2016.

To read the FULL 7 Page petition, visit Radaronline